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Allied Engineers A Proiectat În Bim Structurile Clădirilor Înalte Ale Capitalei

Allied Engineers a proiectat în BIM structurile clădirilor înalte ale Capitalei

Un material despre soluții digitale inovatoare și tehnologia de ultimă generație pe care le folosim în proiectare, precum și despre rezultatele obținute.

Mihai Dragomir, Allied Engineers: „Eficientizăm Cu Peste 20% Costurile Alocate Proiectului”

Mihai Dragomir, Allied Engineers: „Eficientizăm cu peste 20% costurile alocate proiectului”

Un interviu cu Mihai Dragomir, Managing Partner Allied Engineers, despre lecții de business după 20 de ani de activitate în proiectare.


“We have been constantly impressed by Allied Engineers’ professionalism. Their commitment is never vain words –they always respect and fulfill their commitments. Their communication is always clear, precise and relevant –this is very important, especially when you are working for a project in a foreign country, involving very complex technical topics. They are well organized and very through in their work. They care –on all occasion throughout our collaboration, they demonstrated a constant care to help us achieve the Quality–Cost–Delay objectives, never hesitating to do additional work beyond their initial range of responsibility. The professionalism of Allied Engineers’ team, their care for details and their amazing capacity for hard work contributed a lot to the success of the project.”

Rémy Bonneau

Head of Department “Building – Installations – Energy” @NTN - SNR ROULEMENTS

“Allied Engineers’ leadership and their teams of engineers deliver first class service. They are responsive, with a team-oriented and problem-solving attitude. They are proactive and creative and their design is sound and thorough.

AFI Romania are very pleased with Allied Engineers’ professionalism and level of understanding the exigencies and difficulties of the real estate industry. Their consistently providing efficient consultation and design is highly appreciated.”

Yossi Moran

Chief Engineer @AFI

“The high level of professionalism, accuracy and commitment to design most safe and economic structures separates Allied Engineers from their competition. Their cost-effective solutions and accurate detailed designs contribute a lot to ease of project execution, saving investors’ time and money.

It is a pleasure doing business with Allied Engineers. They can be trusted and depended upon to ensure our projects receive the consideration they deserve.”

Dimitris Pergamalis

Head of Construction and Development @Globalworth

“We strongly believe that the integrity of the building structure represents the key part of any project. And that is why Blue Projects rely on the services of Allied Engineers as structural designer. Their engineering has been excellent and their servicing unrivaled.

Allied Engineers’ team is collaborative, responsive and easy to work with. They are exceptional in the use of BIM technologies for structural design, which supports and allows for our fully integrated design process. They are thorough and constantly careful to develop structural design concepts that are efficient and simple.”

Roxana Lyons

Design Team Leader @Blue Projects

“Our requirements addressed to the company have always been responded promptly with solutions focused on factors of key importance to any developer: tight design deadlines, cost effectiveness and technical safety. The quality of the services provided by Allied Engineers, as well as the professionalism of their experts in appropriately and timely completing contractual obligations represent strong reasons to us to recommend them as a responsible business partner to those in seek of similar services.”

Pedro Navazo Garcia


“We would like to state our appreciation for the high-quality services Allied Engineers delivered to us and for the professionalism of the company’s specialists, who met the contract commitments exactly as stated. We believe that these are strong reasons for us to recommend Allied Engineers as a responsible partner and very good professionals to all those in seek of similar services.”

Herbert Schuster

Administrator @Strabag

“During our collaboration with Allied Engineers, we were pleasantly impressed by the professionalism of the team’s experts, by the quality of their work and their capacity of meeting any request in a timely manner. Allied Engineers are a very reliable partner, capable of delivering high-quality services and meeting their commitments.”

Răducu George Filipescu

@Călărași County Council

“During our missions, we found that Allied Engineers possess all the required expertise and resources to perform high quality design work of challenging scale and complexity; their design team assigned to the project was very well organized, strongly committed, with solid professional knowledge and could communicate fluently in a language of international circulation.”

Antoniu Dragnea

Business Unit Manager of Construction Department @Bureau Veritas